This was a great show for me. I came in at my all out best. I did not place how I wanted (3rd, SuperHeavy) But its all good, at 6’7” I came in at 275.4 lbs and was an intimidating threat. This makes me really excited for next year! Gonna make a few adjustments and come back better than ever…

I have to say, I had fun and made some new friends at this competition. Big D (2nd Place), Larry Waters (5th Place) Steve Reese (4th Place). All of these guys were in my class. They all looked great and impressed me.  I also made some other friends in other divisions. Like my Boy Baxter Greene in the over 45 master class. This guy is getting bigger every time I see him! Which is probably because he trains with me at Powerhouse Gym Downtown Tampa!!

If you want training, coaching or posing guidance, come find me there anytime. I spend most of my day there. If not follow me on social media, sign up for this blog, or through my website and get a hold of me.

Enjoy the show!


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