I have been making lots of big moves this year as most of you already know. Everything from competing guess posing, picking up sponsors, working events and now a big project coming up soon! (I am not ready to release the details)

Yes, this year has been so much work its hard to believe I accomplished it all in one year! Well, I hope it motivates you a little bit. We can all use a push from time to time. I know whatever your situation it may seem like things will never change or get any better. I have been there. Make no mistake, you are in total control of your life. If you get your ass up early tomorrow with a to do list you will be on the right track. Rome wasn’t built in a day but when it was at its peak it was something to marvel at.

I see the rest of the year winding down for most people. Not for me. No, I am working my ass off to get my ducks in a row to launch my big project next year. I can’t tell you what it is right now as it is not the right time but rest a sure it is gonna be big. (Like everything I do)

Before we get there I want you to know I am always finding ways to get you solid info. I don’t care what everyone else is doing so I just do me. If you like it great if not, good luck, no hard feelings. I been working my gigantic ass off for longer than most and turns out I have learned how to help people a little bit. This blog is one of those ways I can reach you. This is a better place than many social media forms because I can tie them all together right here.

One thing I want you to know is how easy it is to get on my program. I have written a book on how to eat, I have programs on how to train, (More videos coming soon) and now a place to purchase the supplements I am using. Like my favorite new favorite beef protein and my go to pre workout. But also my post workout sugar!!  (click the supplements tab at the top) So, there is not reason you can’t get started right now! I mean it. Now!

However, dont get carried away thinking supplements is all that it takes to get on my level. My book The SuperNatural Lifestyle is my pride and joy. I am pretty sure Aristotle said, “let food be your daily medicine.” Well, that also applies for making gains son! hahahaha!

Anyway, get plugged in with me and lets change your life. You will get there faster if you start today!




zane best

So, many of you know and many of you may not. The NPC is creating a new division for 2016. It is called “Classic Physique” to the best of my knowledge it is going to be aimed at classic bodybuilding. This is exciting.

My whole life I have been training to mimic something Arnold Schwarzenegger would be proud of. Never the less I have been competing in bodybuilding since 2001, age 19. I love bodybuilding. One would have to in order to endure the years and years of relentless pain from training.

At this point I have become a force in the NPC and known throughout the circuit as the “Tall Bodybuilder.” I am cool with that but its not enough. I want to finish my work with a win on the Olympia stage. Many will say impossible, but I really don’t give a shit what the weak minded think. Anything is possible with the right mind-set.

Which brings me to this. When I heard about this classic physique division coming out next year I really started to think. “This is what Arnold was talking about the 2015 Arnold classic. He must be talking about me.” So now I am even more excited about my bodybuilding at age 34. I have been doing this long enough to know a thing or two about changing the body.

The classes will go by height and weight. I am not sure what all the cut offs are but I do know about the one I fit into. The only problem is, they are saying if you are over 6’3″ you cannot weigh more than 240lbs! This is not cool. That means I would have to cut 35lbs of muscle to make weight. I’m not gonna do that.

So I am trying to get them to allow me to compete at a heavier weight or make another class for us guys that are super tall. There is just no way a guy that is 6’7″ vs a guy at 6’3″ can be competitive if they both weigh 240. So I want to hear what your thoughts are on the situation. Do you think they should make a Super Tall class? Or should they make the weight class higher for guys over 6’3″? You tell me what you think.

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